Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Contemplative Sitter - A Stream of Conciousness

I'm sitting here today in a Starbucks in Brentwood, TN waiting for images to upload to my site. As I wait, I tend to do a few things. One, I people watch. People watching is something I've done for a very long time, as I find people very interesting, and perhaps that is why I enjoyed being a server all those years ago so much. Two, I take smoke breaks. I've been on a mission to quit smoking for quite some time, but I always seem to find some excuse not to; I'm in pain, I'm bored, I'm driving, blah blah blah. These excuses are becoming tiresome even to myself. For the time being though, I still take my breaks from the inside noise, smells, and sights. Plus today, I have Spartacus hanging out in the vehicle waiting for me (the internet is slow today). Three, I read blogs/posts by photographers. This is something I try to do quite frequently, as I am a photographer and hearing other photographers is always a good thing. Different view points, opinions and ideas can only make me question my resolve and strive to become a better photographer.
Today was an interesting day as I've seen a theme in some of these posts. The ultimate: "What is Beauty?" question has been posed in numerous places. People passing their verdict on what is acceptable and for whom it is acceptable for. I tend to believe a general rule to this, every man and woman has the right to choose how to display their beauty. The question raised however, is why young ladies feel the need to be "sexy" during senior portraits or event portraits. Well, to that I have no real answer or true opinion probably. I mean, parenting is different from when I grew up. I had a full time working Dad, but a stay at home Mom for the majority of my young years. We usually ate supper together, and my parents helped me with my homework. As I'm running through these thoughts, and the way my mind works I stop for a while on that fact. Look at most families you know, and think about this. I don't mean to sound judgmental, or that I know the rights and wrongs of raising a family as I have no kids yet, but I do know what worked for me, and what isn't working for families I know.
Families don't eat supper together, or breakfast...heck, most families can't even "find the time" to snack together in one room. Dad/Mom is in the office, kids are in their own rooms, with their own TV's and their own computers. The connection of family is lost in so many ways through technology and the loss of time. Does this mean a parent must stay home to raise the kids? No, I don't believe that is a necessity at all. What I do think is we (as a general populous) tend to take our time for granted. "Hold on while I finish up my work at home." Sure you can play games, I need to do the dishes anyways." Many families don't go for walks together, or do outdoor activities, or indoor activities together, as a family.
Again, I am not a parent yet, and I know that I will make mistakes and that's just part of the process. What I am trying to say is to me as an individual, I value the time aspect of family. Whether you stay at home all day with your kids, or you work full time plus overtime, time can be found regardless. I think when I look at that bulk of thoughts that my priority when I become a parent will be valuing the time I do have with my child/children regardless of how much I work, or how much my spouse works.

Very little of this has anything to do with photography, I know. It's just my random thoughts this day waiting for the very slow upload process to complete itself.

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