Monday, September 30, 2013

Playing the Catch-Up Game

    The last two months have been just a whirlwind of ridiculousness! My goal (originally) was to have the website up and fully running by the end of August. I got so excited about this, I even commented to people of its pending completion. I went to Sturgis, SD the first week of August, and enjoyed my birthday with lots of new and amazing people, as well as remember a man who was very loved and is now lost in me and my mother's lives, along with many others'.

    Back to the website, I have decided to offer CD's. I realize now, that no one wants the prints nearly as much anymore. People want images they can post to Facebook, and although I don't care for the site anymore, I know that a lot of people do. I am hoping that I can get all this figured out by the end of the weekend. I am not a person who is super savvy when it comes to fully customizing a website and that's the problem that I have encountered. I needed to update this, and updates will come much more regularly now that things have settled a bit. More to come soon (at least, sooner than later anyways)!