Thursday, August 1, 2013

Travelling Thoughts and Perks

Today marked day 2 traveling from Tennessee to Minnesota. We are headed out to Sturgis, SD. A few years ago, it would be to ride our motorcycles out there, and enjoy the whole experience. However, things have changed, and we are driving in a Prius, and a Toyota Tundra pulling a 20' Sportsmen camper.
Traveling has provided me with some amazing experiences over the last 5 years, and this trip is no exception. The first many hours do not have much variation in scenery to them. It's pretty much trees on both sides of the interstate, and little visibility for forest rats (deers). Through parts of Kentucky and lower Illinois, there are glimpses of fields or meadows, but it is still dominated by the trees right next to the interstate. This trip there seemed to be many more travelers than normal. This may not be the case as it may just be me wishing there were less people in general on the roads these days.
Every time I make this drive (over 25 times total now), Illinois is my least favorite state to drive through. It literally has nothing  to do with the road conditions, the drivers, or the scenery. Instead, it has everything to do with the length of the state! I enter on the southern end, and proceed all the way up to Interstate 80. It is the longest leg of the journey without a change in road, and it doesn't change a whole lot in scenery. The changes in many other states happen every few hours; you see fields, then trees, then river areas, wetlands, hills, etc. In Illinois, there's only two changes it seems. Trees, fields. This isn't actually the case, but it certainly feels that way driving the endless road through a seemingly endless state.
We camped at Hunt's Cedar River Campground last night near Tipton, Iowa. It's very close to the interstate on the outer camping row, but not horribly noisy inside the camper. It wasn't busy, and it was really quite clean. We woke up this morning and took the Great Dane and Yorkie (strange mix, I know) down to the river. It was only about a blocks worth of walk and it was really quite pretty in the late morning light. I took a few images, but they're still on the camera!
After our walk, we departed again. It's a campground I would stay at again as it has internet access, and either water/electric, or full hookups for $26/$28 respectfully.
Today was long, my body is sore from yesterday's driving, but it went well. We spent the majority of the drive with some clouds, which helped keep the camper cooler at stops. The scenery was beautiful as the prairies and crop fields took over. It always makes me feel like I'm home when I see these things. I lived in the midwest my entire life, and I feel claustrophobic quite often in Tennessee. I think it's the people, along with inability to see any amount of distance from pretty much anywhere!
We arrived at the farm late, and were able to eat something quick, and now I'm writing this up!
Being horizontal on the bed with a blanket sounds amazing right now, and I'll be enjoying that feeling very soon!
Tomorrow will be lots of running around, and making sure everything's ready to go. Sturgis will be the next thing on our fun filled agenda! I've been to the motorcycle get-together once before, although I had not purchased my motorcycle at that point. This year I'm going for very different reasons. Meeting people that have been a part of my Mom's life, and enjoying their  company is a very exciting and welcomed thing! I'm also looking forward to spending at least one night out in the Badlands, and enjoying their splendor as well as the new moon!!!
It's time for no longer being vertical now!
Hopefully I'll have new pictures coming this way in the next week!!

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