Sunday, July 21, 2013

Timed Exposures....A struggle

So, over the course of my career, which is definitely still very young, I have tried (without stacking images) to capture a great long exposure. With digital programs achieving a seemingly 4 h

our exposure is easy, if you're willing/able to capture hundreds of exposures, and then stack them upon themselves after the fact. It's not that I find this process too difficult, I just don't prefer it. Although with digital you're strapped by your camera battery's charge.
I have probably done long exposures two dozen times since I truly learned how to. Of those two dozen times, I've probably walked away with less than 10 viable images. Not that the images I have captured aren't a personal achievement to me, they just aren't anything I would expect a stranger to pay money to buy from me. It's just part of the learning process for me.

If I was better with my film cameras, I could take a 24 hour straight exposure if I felt so inclined...but that's a whole other beast to conquer!

Here's a few examples of what I've come up with so far. One is from early this year, and the other from about 6 nights ago. The second image is problematic in the aspect that I took it in a highly populated area (as there are power lines), and the light pollution, although low all things considered, still alters the images integrity.

Both images have been altered in contrast, white balance, and levels to attempt better clarity with them. I've also added my watermark, but that's where the editing ends on these.

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